The future of Centaur’s Satchel

24 Aug

So some might be curious where I am planning to take this blog after launch. It started as a Guild Wars 1 blog and back when it started, it was mostly guides and events.

So what I am going to do with this blog in Guild Wars 2, you ask?

Well probably similar things. I’ll cover events that the GWEN (Gaming World Entertainment Network) crew put out. I might do guides, but there are so many out there, that it’s probably not worth it. I’ll see what happens. If people would be interested in reading them from me, then sure, I’ll do some. They take a long time to put together (especially the way I do them w/ lots of screenshots) and it might be more worthwhile to do something else with my time.

Another idea I had was to do kind of an adventuring thing. I will take screenshots and write about my travels through Tyria..kind of like a journal type thing. It won’t really be roleplaying, but maybe a little bit of that type of element to it. I’m not 100% sure on this concept yet, but it seems like fun. One of my favorite things to do in the game is explore and the game is absolutely GORGEOUS. I already have a whole entire folder of screenshots (and then some) and the game hasn’t even launched yet haha. I’m a little screenshot crazy 🙂

I will also definitely be doing more contests for in game stuff. It will just be GW2 from now on. I’ll have to wait til I build up a good surplus of goodies, though so this might take a while to get rolling.

So there it is. Those are my plans for the future of this blog. We’ll see where it goes 😀 I hope you all will stick around for it, it should be an exciting ride!

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