The Year of the Dragon!

02 Jul

Dragonof Chaos, beta edition.

So back in the beginning of the year, we were told by Mike O’Brien that we would be getting Guild Wars 2 this year. (my reaction detailed here:

Everyone was ecstatic! We all went crazy! We hoped that day would come sooner rather than later.

Well that day will finally be arriving.

It was announced on Thursday (as some predicted it would be) that we will see Guild Wars 2 on our computers on August 28th! (August 25th for those who prepurchased like yours truly).

Twitter exploded. Facebook exploded. I’m sure Reddit and all the other sites exploded as well. Everyone is over the moon because of this announcement (myself included).

We also got  news that there was going to be a 3rd and final beta event. This event will be happening on July 20th-22nd. So over a month from the last BWE (Beta Weekend Event). I’m fine with that. It falls perfectly on my anniversary  with my boyfriend (it’s the 20th if you’re wondering). We were thinking of going out if we had money, but this works out a lot nicer! (woot! Date night in Tyria!)

So now the countdown begins. We’ll have to see what the next BWE holds. It might hold some surprises (it was hinted that we finally might see the Asura or Sylvari or both!!) but it will definitely be  fun!

I look forward to it and I will see you all in Tyria! 2 months!!! 😀

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