You mess with the minotaur, you get the horns!

22 May

Hi! I’m back after a too long hiatus. Sorry I haven’t been around! I’ll catch you all up on what you may have missed while I was gone. Until then, enjoy this little moment of rage! Toodles! 🙂


I’m pretty fed up with people spreading misinformation and just being generally entitled about Guild Wars 2.

Where is this coming from? Well it’s been building up for a while. The proverbial straw today was when GW2 posted on their Facebook that they won’t be having a Beta Weekend Event this weekend.

The butthurt and rage that people are expressing on the Facebook page is amazing. There’s a lot of entitlement issues in the community (at least the Facebook part of the community, the Twitter part is amazeballs). One of the most frequent ones is that Anet “ruined” people’s weekend. Or people “paid 60 dollars for the prepurchase so they are ‘entitled’ to the beta weekends to happen every month”. The one that broke me though was a comment that was made about how ArenaNet are “disconnected from their playerbase”.

The following is my reply to that (don’t worry, it’s totally safe. I don’t believe in swearing online):

lol at the person who said they are completely unconnected to their playerbase. It might feel like that here, but over on Twitter they are COMPLETELY connected to us. They talk to us all the time. I’ve added a couple of them here on FB and I’m great friends with them. This is one of the friendliest game companies I have ever interacted with. To say they are completely disconnected to their playerbase is ridiculous. Sure, they can’t be connected to every single individual person. That’s impossible. They do know what most of their players want, though. They also try to make the majority happy.

They also listen if it’s a big enough issue. Remember the Sylvari redesign? Who made that happen? The fans. The fans were not happy with how the Sylvari looked so ArenaNet fixed it. They didn’t have to fix it, but they did because they are *gasp* connected to their playerbase. Imagine that.

Also, they never “promised” it was going to be once a month. They also never said it was going to be more than once a month. Those of you throwing tantrums like 5 year olds better knock that off right now! They even clarified SEVERAL TIMES to say they never said once a month. Yes you paid for the game already. Good for you. You aren’t “entitled” to SQUAT! So just check your entitlement issues at the door, thanks. If you’re that upset about it, go take the easy way out and dispute the charge on your credit card. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Sarcasm and anger aside, I’m glad they are taking their time on this. I’d rather them have a polished, working, game, than something that was just thrown together last minute. The game is already wonderful. Yes it has bugs, but it’s still in BETA (like another poster said, no one knows what that means). There’s going to be bugs. Wonderful, glorious bugs. But our job as testers is to help them find those bugs so they can squash them and put out a new build as soon as possible. The more bugs we find, the better they can pinpoint them and the faster they can get the next beta build out.

My speculation (hey there’s a nifty word!) is that the next few tests up until launch will probably be out a lot quicker. This was their first massive scale test (along with the stress test) and it’s going to take them longer to get a new build out since there were a ton of bugs, some of which they probably weren’t anticipating. The other tests will probably go quite a bit smoother. Again, this just my SPECULATION. It’s not fact. I don’t work for ArenaNet (although really wish I did).

Why don’t ya’ll go outside and go for a walk or something? It’s a beautiful world out there. Guild Wars 2 will be there when you get back…well…when it’s ready. 😀

Ok I felt that last part was a little trolling, but I thought it should be added to lighten it up a little.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I have to say…oh and this (from further down after someone used the term “fanboy”:

Everytime someone uses the word “fanboy” Martin eats a Charr cub. Remember that next time you use that hideous word. THINK OF THE CHARR CUBS!!

Sorry to pick on you Martin, but I think Peter gets picked on enough. I still love you guys, though. 😀


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2 responses to “You mess with the minotaur, you get the horns!

  1. Hunter

    May 22, 2012 at 11:24 pm

    fanboy seems like a term we have to redefine. its not always a bad thing.

    • Jeshe

      May 22, 2012 at 11:57 pm

      I couldn’t agree more. It is one word that raises my hackles more than any other. I replied to that in response to someone calling me (and others in general) that. Granted, it was humorous, but I think it got the point across.

      I’m wondering how we could take back that term. It seems to have such negative connotations. It doesn’t seem like we could turn it back into a positive. I am williing to try, though.


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